by Reproacher

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Recorded in Spring of 2011 by Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City, Utah. Self-released on CDs.


released May 18, 2011

Mastered by Carl Saff.



all rights reserved


Reproacher Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Track Name: Retirement
Rotten teeth, gasping on the phone
If it all works out, you’re still alone
Missing places, so fucked, so saved
Black tongue lies, all the same
This is my two weeks, I’m clocking out
You’ll never fucking see me around
Reckless hearts breed cynicism
This is my resignation
Nothing’s left, thrown away
Like all the half-felt words
And you’ll never learn to move along
You give and give, but it’ll always feel wrong
Suicide creatures
Hopeless manipulators
Tonight I’ll burn all my pictures of you
Track Name: Dead Lights
Goodbye, dead farewells
On a crumpled note
In his fist, on his breath
The same words once swallowed
The ones I’d never say
At the bottom of a grave
he knew the painful truth
he felt it in his chest
They will never hurt
They’ll never lose their strength to move
I heard it in his heavy breath
in his heavy breath

The one you took some class to figure out
The one you found that that year you took off
That no one put us here
That we’d only get halfway
Before the dirt took our bones

And we’d leave our kids behind
To feel alone, so unknown
As brothers die with their sisters
As the pieces are chipped away
I know only the good things die
And forked tongues live forever
At the top of skyscrapers
So few crowns, oceans of inbred blood
I’m the knotted dead root
The river that never reached the ocean
Burying lungs that will never breathe
They will never hurt
They’ll never lose their strength to move
Their sires, and mothers
And I know how selfish it sounds
He lost them all in bottles, in hospital beds
I found, in circles
Track Name: Barons
I’ve got a foot in the grave
And the other walking away
From all of the spilt blood
From the cleared coffers
I won’t live out the rest of my life in chains
The chains of You, the chains of flesh
Around the ankle of every soul
Who learnt to bury their pain
Who stuck to the plan
And all it ever got them was an empty hand
The things you sold, and the price you paid
Means nothing through those dying eyes
They’ll walk over my grave
Unmarked, buried in age
The man who lost nothing
Left only with the things he bought
His only friends, his single love
All forgot

Every dagger, old betrayals
Hurts like cancer in the end
A bitter taste in a dead mouth
They had to pry the coin from his hand
He couldn’t take it with him, he never could
And maybe it comes to you before bed
A swooning, a cut up wrist
The certainty that nothing is going to be fine

Buried under wrecked trains
With blackened hearts
With pockets full of gold
treasure we can save
company in the grave
with each passing age
skeletons of the past remain
coarse and fell with shame
wasted lives with swollen eyes
and treasure we can save

in the strata we're all buried
hearts deterioriate
albatross of gold
shines on the rotted body
the grave robber melts it down
and fashions it to taste
but names die
fade out
pass away
no permanence
we're temporary
rain will fall
and wash it all away
wasted lives which we sold completely out
won't mean a fucking thing
no doubt
Track Name: Cabal
Bring us your young, your weary, your broken
And hang these from your necks
This old protective blood
Will keep them out
And keep us in
But we’re still building the walls
Higher and higher
To keep the filth crawling on all fours
And out of our books
We’ll teach you to climb the same old trees
To only get high enough to hang
And we’re still building castles
With neon signs
Using swords
Spilling blood
With orders from the top
That you need saving
Children bleached white, baptized in flame
Keep the kids in church, keep the wives at home
The patriarchal dominion sustained
Let them know
With snakes and sermons
They were born dirty and poor
And we’re the only guys
That will make you live forever
one day they will die and that the papers that hold their names will be burned away
Track Name: The Plan
here's to all the prayers unanswered
even those who never asked for more
than the lowest bar of standard that they surely deserved
the preacher feels the pressure
building in his chest
of knowing that the blessed few are walking on the rest
what about the wife of the cop who never made it home
why has god abandoned her forsaken and alone
crying in the dark unanswered
begging for release from this
crying in the dark unanswered
why are you so nervous
this reoccurring notion always screaming in her head
that maybe she's had more than her share of daily bread
alone in this world
her only comfort has been shattered
and the pieces scatter
like ashes in the wind
never to be brought together again
everything you knew
everything you loved
taken away
please lord give me the strength to make it through the day
this is the end of the line
Track Name: Grave Marked Unknown
sprawled out on the cold ground
the snow hammers down
passer bys look away
the bloated shell a sickening shame
no name
no eulogy
no one cares
unloved and unknown
Track Name: Broken Hands
I can’t pick up the phone anymore
Your voice only reminds me of what I lost
What’s dead and buried, the final cost
And I know it shouldn’t be so hard to say whats gone is gone
But the words flow like venom, painful and slow
There’s no catching up
Nothing’s changed
Same shit job
Still holding all the blame
Still waiting on the end of a rope
Still playing the game
Eating shit, losing ground
Still trying to drop out
Still trying to mark the names
Not Killing time
Killing my fucking head
Digging up the bones from under me
Burning what’s been taught
Everyday I am seeing who’s been bought
Dropping off
To live lives normal and safe
I’m still scared, I’m still lost
Still behind, ready to die
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain
Still dead, the way we were born, the way we will die
Still doomed live a selfish life
Track Name: Thorn
Was it a crack of thunder that ruptured you from fragile sleep
or was it the nightmare where you remembered me
the twisting in your stomach is the need for another drink
but peace of mind is hard coming when your will to live is on the brink
day dreaming during downtime
that you are someone somewhere else
coming to is like a cold wind
so put joy on the shelf
the wretch that's growing inside
twisting from the start
is slowly breaking your body
worse than your rotten heart
would it really matter if debtors forgave our debts
the damage's been done and there's no cure for it
clawing at the walls of the grave you dug yourself
when you reach the surface no one really wants you out
well you fucking loathe them and they fucking loathe you back
just fall back to the bottom and be satisfied with that
biting at your skin
in tense reaction
to the accusations of ghosts
don't ask their forgiveness
begging mercy traders
are a thorn no one will miss
guilt and grudges are all encompassing
pray for the silence, the solace of nothing
broken shell
where lights glow blue
the sweating glass
and goodbye notes
addressed to no one

no headstone
you did this to yourself
Track Name: Nothing Is Sacred, Everything Can Burn
With bitten fingers again and again
Please let me help you understand
white noise bloody fists
the business men dropping dead in the street
Sign here initial there
The rest of life is planned with care
If this isn't fate i don't know what is
the truth hurts worse
being unleashed
like being out in cold
naked starving and alone
voided lives
hollow words
synthetic faith
slaves of the modern age