Nature's Bastard

by Reproacher

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Released through Crown & Throne Ltd.


released June 3, 2016

Recorded in June 2015 with Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City.
Mixed and produced by Patterson.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Cover artwork by Fernando Peña at Celldeth.



all rights reserved


Reproacher Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Track Name: Celestial Blackout
Black out, she has never seen
There exists the gulf
Separating you from me
Childlike eyes that cry and scream at me
A kiss in a departing gleam of our sheer emptiness

A sermon of cynicism

That can't be
Cruel tyrant
Whose fear sews the seam

Urge to rebel
With malice
Break the silence
Let the earth be gone

Looking for a landslide
Stand there, so beautiful
Slip away
Fated to decay
Conscious loathfulness
Bewildered and unrestrained
You are bold
Keep it
So beautiful

The despot of our lusts
Hideous manifestations
The air hurts and I need peace
I would sell the world and retreat
Now hear my words and understand
This world will go to hell

Succumb and consume it all
What more can you want
Consign me to the grave’s embrace
And smolder and be forgotten

Restless heart
Adrift and lost
Track Name: Poisonous Miasmas
Disciple of truth
Fearless of the inanimate
Poetic disregard
Of supernatural yearn
Satanic pride
To cynical jeers
Because they know their deepest fears
The world without us
Before and after
The world without us
Frenetic blaspheming

Never at rest
Invocations, dramatizations
Construct a sense of purpose
Synthesized, memorialized
A fraud they say we need
Ridden with leprosy
Selling the fear of death
Meaning in life: a sophist's song
In this life of bitter darkness
I deny everything
With disdainful dedication
Pray and lay in stagnation
In stoic contempt
I deny everything
Cruel and tense
I deny everything you know
Track Name: Garrote
The enemy of god
Cast in ashen wood
Spectacle of the damned in hell
Discretion in the art of pain
Succumbing to our own contrary lies
Crucifixion all that remains

An evil-tempered snake
In the fury of the fall
With deference to burn
Blame the author
Who gave the pitfalls

Pragmatics overthrow
Illusory constraint

This intrinsic burden
Own either course

Guarded illegality
Delinquency’s affair
The clandestine force
Eating glass and sand
The world is your captor
Oppressor that sustains

Dark compartments all profane to the core

Clandestine flame
Track Name: Sundown
On dust town
Where trains pass through at night
Destitution finds a home

But what was found
In the hallways of the dead
In the embers of the streetlamps
Nothing but sunken heads

Filled with plans and consumer dreams
Ends that justify the means
Stand-up families that obscure the needs
Mangled loved ones in junkyard sheets

Casualties of nothing that lasts
Victims of the forgotten class
Midwestern winter nights
Strewn out of bars and into the fire

Dust town

Born from dust, return to dust
Damaged lives beget damaged life
Broken daughters, battered mothers
Hateful sons, hateful fathers

How many suicides sound out along the plains
Track Name: The Endless Tide
Eyes drawn
Black out

Irrational wreck wrung by the neck
A lifeless shell waiting to be ash

Embattled with hate
Dread and guilt
That distorts life as if in a dream
Phantom disdain
The dissident’s fate

Repeating discourse on internal tiers
That the only relief is not being here

Departing refrain
"There is no other way"

All becomes clear
You can be released at any moment
The only thing you control is how you meet your end

Black everything becomes your world
No ocean from this stream
The dead remain
A fragile eulogy
Like ash to the stream
Track Name: Cold Blue Clay
Carry out the coffin
Toast to loss

See the tattered way I live
Our grinning liars masks
Stir noble thought

All headed towards ash

The fear is replaced by confoundment

Knowing that I will succumb to madness and die alone, inconsolable

Knowing that I will die alone
All reduced to accident

All reduced to ash

Death is an old joke but it comes new to everyone
Track Name: Nature's Bastard
World without a sun
I was born to a second one
Linked to no one in the end

Up root all the trees
Like there's nothing underneath
Lay them in a single row to see

Glassed eyes on the shore
There's no one home anymore
Just a body that walks and talks

Lost faith in connecting
All the single people go their way
That way

Borne from the desert sand
Nature’s bastard from the land

God of Failure
Lord of Shit
Track Name: The Great Equalizer
Dead above
Dead below

For years they've buried the dead

Broken crosses and roadside graves
She looked and told me what the soul weighs

Flesh and bone
Light and sound
Must come down

To lose
And live through pain
Promised light on the edge of oblivion
She told me everything dies alone

To strive for shit
Marginal, outcast

Flesh and blood
Light and sound
Must come down

She told me there is nothing beyond the void

No one asks to be born
The conclusion is forgone
What we love finds its end

Dead and fucking gone