by Reproacher

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Recorded live in Fall of 2011 by Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City. Released on cassette by Dimlight Records.


released January 1, 2012

Engineered & mastered by Patterson.



all rights reserved


Reproacher Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Track Name: Negative Space
Black teeth
Coward eyes
Lost words
Erased lives

No one means nothing
And loose ends swallow blood
Lost in the streets and parking lots
Cloaked wraiths who leave their bodies home
And everything has a fucking price tag
Even me

And I would give it all back
If you’d only erase me
Erase me
Track Name: Benign
Because you were born with a purpose
You serve and slave
You entertain
And we know I’m the one with value
My needs, I got needs just like everyone else
And they’ve never known a shelf

Birthed with a purpose
Just like me
Different paths, wrong fates, cycle lives of pain
Fuck your comfort, pockets running deep

Life is not exclusive
Open throats know purpose

Blood flows the same path, the same speed
The only difference is who’s
And how much, at what cost, on who’s hands
Doesn’t matter we’ll pay it
Noise murders thought
Like you had a single option
Wreck your cross, your way of life
Your fucking apathy

We gave
We gave comfort
Fuck your cause
Pockets running deep
Heavy with blood
Track Name: Breath/Life
They told you this was all for you
That they helped you out
Those dirty eyes, dirty thoughts
They only meant to love you
And you thought you needed him
You’re the system, the fucking seed

And for what?
To create that which lives and dies for nothing
For god and country
For sword and truth
The lies they sold our youth

To keep our hands in their pockets
And our minds on the end
And to keep us worshiping the men, trust the cloth
Drawing breath entitled to nothing
Progress the seed, create for nothing

And your son will be born into the void
To rule the wasteland, medicated sitcom lives
While twisted dead tongues circle his ears
And the truth soaked in red

And for what?
This world
Wreathed in shit

With no skeletons by my side
No men, no masters, no christ
Born into this void
Your father’s bones next to mine
Track Name: Stuffed Full of Lies
Stuffed full of lies
With smiles stretched thin
No eyes, no eyes
Just loss, just regret

This way no one feels nothing
Secondhand, secondhand
You’ve got your sad story
Loose ends, loose ends
No future, no security
Dead end, dead end
Modern options, modern scam
Hollow friends, secondhand

And if life didn’t bring you disaster you fucking found it
You roamed the streets painted red
While the wolves watched your broken steps
And they almost felt sorry for you
I almost felt sorry for you
And then you fell, wreathed in shame
You silenced them, but only for the night
And you know the days are short these coming months
Track Name: Shelter
I’m spitting black
From the nights
Veins that don’t know blood
That don’t know truth

I’ve burned holes through the skin
And I’ve crawled with no eyes
Drove the nails
Into this existence
I sucked its wounds
I drank its filth

And it changed me
It changed us
Track Name: Collapsed Lungs
I’m out of breath, I said what’s been said
But you fucking want to hear it
These days are long as our lives are cheap
As our words are cheap
Light as a feather
Heavier than grief

Dead words pouring like lies
Like these wasted nights
These fucking faces stripped bare
The skin pulled from their masks

Time after time abused and dismissed
The sympathy act can be hard to resist
Crippled defeated hearts reaching out
Bleeding them dry, outracing the doubt

Lost words
Are better lost
Desperate friends
At cheaper cost
None of this will fill the void

These lines have been said a thousand times
By those who have felt so much more than mine
By buried fools, romantics, and worthless cheats
Who all felt that terrible disease

Who’ve burned their letters and bridges, erased their youth
And made these days and invalid and untrue
Who abandoned their joy for grave marked pursuits
Who were cleansed in fear and would bear all they would lose